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It’s Columbus Day and few people actually know what that means. It was first celebrated in 1792 as the 300th anniversary of Cristóbal Colón’s (better known as Christopher Columbus) first voyage to the Americas in 1492. You remember the rhyme: “In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”

Columbus departed Spain on August 3 and finally arrived in the Americas on October 12. Historians believe that he first stepped foot in the Bahamas. Columbus called these islands the Indies because he thought he had finally reached Asia and the East Indies. When Columbus’ mistake was discovered, (pun intended) Spain renamed them the West Indies.

Now think about this. If Christopher Columbus had a smartphone and one of these navigation apps, he would have known exactly where he was. See what we did there? Check out this list of great navigation apps to help you along on your next journey.


Waze is a social driving app that uses data from other drivers to alert you of traffic incidents, congestion and other roadblocks so you can “outsmart traffic and save on gas.” Just type in an address and Waze will give you turn-by-turn navigation that automatically re-routes you when road conditions change. (iOS and Android)


If you are a frequent taxi passenger Where2Boss is the app for you. With this intuitive app you have the ability to track your ETA and have some fun on your ride. You earn points and badges for passing certain landmarks or for beating your original arrival time. Another way to gain points is by rating your driver. This gives you a personal reward and also lets other users see just how their driver measures up to the rest. The best part of this app is that it allows you to see if you’re being taken for a ride by your driver. You can track your current route and compare it to the suggested route. (iOS)

CoPilot GPS

I was in New York recently and had to run around the city looking for an array of items for folks waiting in line for the iPhone 5 release. Being my first time in Manhattan, I had no idea where I was or where I was going. To top it off, my service in the area was spotty at best. I wish I had known about CoPilot GPS while I was there. This app provides free navigation tools, including maps and directions, without a data connection. It also provides alternate routes and points of interest along your way. (iOS and Android)


HopStop is probably the most useful and intuitive navigation app for city folk. It delivers not only walking directions, but precise information on public transit options. This is very helpful for travelers in a new city or for those in an unfamiliar part of town. Enter your address, where you want to go and HopStop will give you all the route information you need. (iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon)

Do you have an app that helps you get around? Let us know in the comments below!


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