Comfort foods rule!

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I’m at a loss for recipes this week. With our move into a new-to-us house I’ve been eating out a lot and that is so not the norm for me. We’ve even had pizza a couple times in the last few days and that never happens.

On Saturday after a long day packing and cleaning we ordered Chinese delivery. I don’t know if it was because I was so exhausted and worn out or if it truly was amazing, but that food was the best Chinese delivery I’ve had in ages.

After packing up the entire old house into a truck on Sunday, we went to a brew pub downtown and I happened to order a side salad with my meal. You’d think I hadn’t eaten in days the way I consumed that salad. It was awesome. Every last bite of it too.

On Monday we were blessed with a delivery of homemade lasagna and garlic bread from one of our old neighbors. Even the kids scarfed this down it was so good.

And then yesterday we ate out downtown and I switched out a baked potato for the mashed potatoes. Again, I don’t know if I was still exhausted and starving from all the moving work, but that baked potato was incredible and there wasn’t a speck left of it on my plate.

The comfort food standbys have really come through for us during this move. It’s nice to know there is great food out there when you’re so tired you can’t think of what to eat and don’t have the energy to make something at home.

Now if it was just as easy to fit my much larger old kitchen into the new way-too-small-for-us kitchen, I’d be set. Wish me luck.

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