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I have a tendency to overload my own wallet with varying forms of plastic, old receipts, an expired ID that has no business being in there, a gym membership card that I should definitely think about using, stamps, gift cards and a number of random items that I won’t mention out of sheer embarrassment. When I first installed my phone in its new Commuter Series Wallet case I thought deliberately about downsizing. What do I actually need to carry with me? What can I leave behind? These coupons are expired, so why in the world are they still in my wallet?

I settled on three things: driver’s license/ID, credit card and a one of those fancy new hundred dollar bills that look like euros … kidding, it’s a ten. Insert sigh of relief here. That felt good. Light. And still prepared.

Now when I go to a show I slip my phone in my back pocket — it has everything I need for admission and overpriced cocktails, and I can still get my dance on without being weighed down by a purse. When I hop on my bike for a roll around town I have my phone for music (and sometimes directions) and cash for a pit stop at my favorite coffee shop.

I want your life to be this easy.

We are conducting a Commuter Series Wallet contest through Instagram. The contest has just been extended until November 20. This allows you more time to get creative. Submit a video or picture that shows us everything you keep in your wallet. Use the hashtags #CommuterWallet and #Simplify, and tell us what three things you would keep in your new Commuter Series Wallet case.

You can check out this blog for more information:

Need some inspiration? Here are the entries so far:

Have fun, be original, and show us why you need to simplify.

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