Custom Case Hack: How To Create Happy Bloom Commuter Series 3D

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Awhile back, we introduced you to the OtterBox Commuter Series 3D. Last week, we showed you the step-by-step instructions for creating a Bronze Ninja Skull 3D Commuter Series case. Today’s featured design comes from Jessica, aka – Barb Ross!

The Inspiration

Jessica (aka Barbara Ross) created her custom 3D OtterBox Case by adding what she likes to call “happy dots” to the Bloom Commuter Series 3D. She was inspired when she first laid her pen on the case: “The pen left a dot, and I just went with it!” she says. Let’s see how Jessica created her custom design in a few simple steps.


You will only need oil-based Sharpie markers for this DIY case. The colors used for this step-by-step were red, white, lime green, metallic silver, purple, orange and aqua.

The Instructions


Step 1

Purchase a Bloom iPhone 5 Commuter Series 3D Case.

Step 2

Starting with a single color of your choice, add dots to the raised ridges of the case. Feel free to use different colors for different parts of the case to add variety.

Step 3

Add a second layer of dots to the raised edges, this time using a complimentary color to the previous dots. This will create tone and add variety to the case’s pattern.

Step 4

Once the raised areas are covered in “happy dots,” you can start to fill in the background and deeper parts of the case. Jessica recommends adding more dots to the lower portion, and using less and less as you move toward the top of the case.

There you have it – you are now the proud owner of a “Happy” 3D Bloom Commuter Series! If you have any questions or additional design ideas, please share in the comments below!

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