Custom Case Hack: How-To Create Ninja Skull Commuter Series 3D

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Earlier this week, we introduced you to the OtterBox Commuter Series 3D. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring several custom 3D OtterBox case designs, and giving step-by-step instructions to create your own! Today’s featured design comes from Davesy, the Mystery Man!

The Inspiration

Davsey added a bit of flair to his custom 3D OtterBox case by creating an artistic and realistic bronze effect. “When I first saw the case, it was begging for a gold tooth,” Davesy said. Looking to create a case just like Davesy’s? You’re in luck – simply follow the steps below.


1. Rustolium oil bronze metallic spray paint
2. Red or burnt-sienna acrylic paint
3. Copper metallic acrylic paint (for the tooth)
4. Small paint brush

The Instructions


Remove the silicone from the hard plastic and set the hard plastic outer shell face up on newspaper or tarp (something you don’t mind covering with spray paint!). Coat the case with Rustolium bronze metallic paint. Let dry for around 10-15 minutes before adding a second coat. Allow the second coat to dry for an additional few minutes, or until no longer sticky.


Using a small paintbrush and the burnt sienna or red acrylic paint, hit the highest points of the skull features. Allow these highlights to dry for 10-15 seconds, and blend with your finger.
Repeat until you have reached a desired effect. This will give the skull a rusted, antique look.


Add a dab of the copper metallic acrylic paint to a tooth of your choice for the finishing touch!
There you have it – you are now the proud owner of a custom bronze Commuter Series 3D Ninja! If you have any questions or artistic input on the design, please share in the comments below.


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