Custom Case Hack: How-To Create Punk Commuter Series 3D

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The Inspiration:

Allison was inspired to design her custom 3D OtterBox Case after the bright neon of the 80’s glam era. Using Sharpie oil pens and some creativity, Allison added a unique blended design to her 3D Ninja Commuter Series. Keep in mind when re-creating this case that the punk design is not an exact science. Your case may come out a bit different than the original. Let’s see how it’s done!


You will only need to use a few oil paint Sharpie markers for this punk creation. Make sure you do not shake the paint pens. This will give the colors a cool streaking pattern.


Step 1

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Step 2

Beginning with your first color, Allison chose metallic silver, press the tip of the marker firmly to the surface of the case. This will allow the paint to bleed out on to the surface and you can spread the color around as you like with the tip of the pen. Let this layer dry.Add a second layer on top of the first using the same technique. Spread this color to different areas of the case allowing some of the original color to show through. Make sure you allow this layer to run over the sides of the case if you want to add a running paint effect. Let this layer dry before moving on.

Step 3

For the last step, use your third and final color to fill in the rest of the unpainted space on the case. Instead of allowing the paint to run, feel free to color in this area with a little more precision to ensure there are no open areas left. Allow the last layers to dry, and you are done!

This design is begging for a little rebellion, let us know what else you would add to the case in the comments below.

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