Dangerous Waters = Dangerous Criminals?

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If you have been following our Facebook posts regarding the Dangerous Waters adventure team you know that the guys were being held under possible charges in Russia after making a daring journey across the Bering Strait on Sea-Doo personal watercraft. After arriving at the Chukotka coast Friday, the men were greeted at the shoreline by tanks and armed guards.

Claims were made against the crew that they didn’t have the required travel documents to make this journey. Crew leader, Steven Moll’s wife said that she was suspicious about these claims, saying they had taken extra precautions for the trip. It seems that the team needed special permission that is required in addition to a Russian visa to enter the Chukotka region.

After five days in detainment, the Dangerous Waters adventurers were set free and made their six-hour trip back across the Bering Strait, landing safely on U.S. soil in Teller, Alaska. The crew left Russia on good terms and even received a helicopter escort back across the border.

Despite this setback, Moll and his team plan to follow their backup plan and cross the Northwest Passage to make it to Greenland and Iceland. You can track the journey live on their dedicated Spot page or on the Dangerous Waters and OtterBox Facebook pages.

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