Dating Apps Blog #2 – The Follow-Up

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A few months ago I wrote a blog on the OK Cupid dating app, and the accompanying Crazy Blind Date app. I gave this dating combo a bit of a mixed review; the OK Cupid app seemed functional enough, but the Crazy Blind Date app was definitely a flop. At the time of the previous blog, I found myself dateless with no help from either of these apps. However, that is not the end of the story.

POB-IMG-061913-HAPPY-COUPLEThe rest of the story

With the blog finished, my assignment turned in and most of the embarrassment out of the way, I actually decided to keep my profile alive. What could it hurt, after all? Opening the app one evening, I see one of the potential matches that OK Cupid occasionally alerts you with, and this girl happened to look vaguely familiar. Of course I had to figure out who it was, and after opening the profile I realized it was actually someone I recognized from work. There was a brief moment of “Okay, cool. I’m really not the only weirdo using a dating site.” This moment was followed by another moment of slight panic when I realized the OK Cupid was nice enough (or diabolical enough) to send users a notification when your profile is viewed, and even identifies the creepy culprit. At this point, I’m in a bit of an awkward situation. Do I acknowledge that I viewed her profile, or do I spend the rest of my career avoiding the water-cooler like the plague? Being a strong, confident man, I chose the latter.

Luckily, she was brave enough to reach out to me through the OK Cupid messaging service to acknowledge that yes, I had looked at her profile and yes, it was a little weird. We actually hit it off after that, quickly evolving into Facebook friends (big milestone) and going out to lunch a few days later.

Here we are a few months later, still together. Even with all of my reluctance and dismay in joining a dating site, I’d like to consider myself a success story. So here’s a bit of hope for those who aren’t sure about dating sites or maybe have been reluctant to put yourself out there. Sometimes it can pay off!

Still looking?

For those of you who are still looking, we’ve put together a few dating apps that you may want to try:

POB-IMG-061913-DATING-HOW-ABOUT-WEHow about we

This fun dating app lets the user set up dates with three simple steps. First, you say “How About We…” and pick your perfect date. Next, you connect with people based on date ideas, profiles and photos. Lastly, you meet your match in the real world (scary).




Tinder is a hugely popular dating app that uses your location to set up potential matches. The app will show you if another Tinder user is nearby and allows you to anonymously like or pass. If you get “liked” back, the app will introduce you and allow the two of you to chat using the app.




Lulu claims to be the future of dating apps. This interactive dating platform provides quizzes and dating advice to support your search for “the one”. You can also see who your friends know and get the inside scoop on users you may be interested in.



POB-IMG-061913-LETS-DATE-APPLet’s Date

The Let’s Date app asks users to create a Dater Card by logging in with Facebook. From here, you can browse other Dater Cards and select those you think you might have an interest in. Similar to other dating apps, Let’s Date will only suggest a date if the other person has also selected you as a potential match. As a unique follow up, Let’s Date allows daters to provide feedback, and even lets you earn badges.



Be sure to share your dating site success (or fail) stories in the comments below!

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