Don’t Just Protect Your Device: Protect What’s Inside

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Have you ever lost your phone and immediately gone into panic mode? I will admit that I have done exactly that at least five times this year alone. On one of these occasions, I tracked it down to a homeless couple that had already cleared my call history and claimed it as their own.

4 Apps to Protect Your Phone

After this incident, I realized I should probably protect the content on my phone and went searching for some helpful apps. Here are some of the best I found:

1. Private Photo Vault

Free for iOS

Private Photo Vault is an app to protect any photos or videos on your smartphone via passcode. The interface is easy to use and manage: Simply upload your photos or videos into an album and each time you switch between apps on your device, it requires you to re-enter the passcode. There is also an option to set up a decoy passcode for intruders.

2. Secret Life

$1.99 for iOS

Secret Life is great if you lose your phone the way I do. The app looks like a tic-tac-toe game app, and when it opens, displays a tic-tac-toe board. The trick is when you hold down the center square on the board for 5 seconds, it pulls up a passcode screen. This app protects contacts, photos, videos and notes.

3. NQ Vault

Free for iOS and Android

NQ Vault hides photos, videos and Facebook messages. The fun part is that when someone wants to see what’s inside (i.e. parents or siblings) there is a decoy folder that can be opened and shown without sharing what is actually there. This app can also privatize Facebook messaging, by hiding any messages you don’t want showing up in your messages on or in the app.


4. PasswordBox

Free for iOS and Android

Are you sick of constantly typing in your passwords on your device, because you don’t want it to save them? Or if you do save them, you worry when you lose it that someone now has access to your email and bank accounts? PasswordBox is an app designed to secure your logins in the app. You simply enter the app and it has all of your logins saved, no entering them over and over. However, be sure to go into settings to turn on the passcode option, otherwise it does not secure the information in the app.

Maybe you are super vigilant in keeping your phone locked to your palm, but if you do happen to lose it, with these apps you won’t be as worried about your content being available for the world to see.

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