Down and Dirty at the 2012 Winter X Games

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At the crack of dawn on the last Wednesday of January, six Otters, two rented SUVs and a variety of smartphone cases left for a little place called Aspen for a little event known as Winter X Games.

This being the 2nd year OtterBox has participated as an X Fest sponsor, made this trip even more exciting knowing what this event had in store for us. With a bigger footprint, more staff and prizes galore, there was no shortage of fun. Attendees had the opportunity to get their picture taken on our snowboard photo booth, enter to win awesome OtterBox prizes and even win a custom snowboard and a BlackBerry Bold. It was entertaining to watch people of all ages take advantage of what we had to offer and it was a pleasure meeting attendees from different walks of life.

As the sun went down the fun continued; we witnessed the first ever snowmobile front flip in Sunday’s Snowmobile Best Trick competition and the first perfect 100 from Shaun White’s final run during the Men’s Super-Pipe Finals. The tribute to Sarah Burke, the freestyle skier who passed away due to injuries from a crash a week prior, was also so impactful to watch and it made the entire week a way to celebrate her life and influence on the sport.

Now as we return to reality and defrost our toes, we promptly look forward to the next adventure (in warmer climates). You can see photos and learn more about our trip to Winter X Games by visiting our Down+Dirty page.

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