Dressing up the food for Halloween, too

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I set out to make a list of cool Halloween eats, but there are a whole bunch of those already and I was spending more time enjoying the lists than getting my work done so I might as well just share those lists as they were intended.

On the Food Network I checked out their Spooky Halloween Recipes for Kids list and their Kid-Friendly Halloween Bash recipes and found a ton of fun stuff to try.

I really liked the options on Epicurious. I lost a ton of time perusing all of the options under the “ultimate Halloween recipes’ section that is broken out into cocktails, snacks, sweets and savories. I had to stop there or lose my whole day, but their page includes a ton more recipes and categories to explore.

I always love what Delish serves up and they do a great job again with their Disgustingly Delicious: 14 Gross-Looking Halloween Recipes. I’ve found recipes from their accumulations that I’ve used over and over.

And since I’ve signed up and barely begun to touch the surface of what Pinterest has to offer, I couldn’t resist following their link to find a ton more awesome things to explore.

All of these creative and fun recipes bring a whole new meaning to dressing up and playing with your food. Have a ghoulishly great time making your Halloween menu and treats.


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