Dude, where’s your OtterBox?

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During a recent holiday dinner, I had to confiscate all of the cell phones as I had my three kids home from college and one high schooler who all felt the need to text and eat. While doing so, I noticed my son’s VERY expensive smart phone had no cover or case.

“Dude, where’s your Otterbox? That phone cost me more than a car payment!” I said…ok….I shouted.

He reminded me that on the way to drop him off at college, I took a wrong turn and got lost, which of course meant that his roommate arrived first and chose the bottom bunk, clearly leaving my own son no other option than the top. He continued to say that his phone is his life, his alarm, his calendar, his music, and so on and so forth.

I interjected and said “And that is why I bought you an Otterbox to protect your phone!” He then told me how his phone, at no fault of his own, it would end up on the floor every morning, but for me not to worry, his Otter protected it! Well…. that’s all well and good, I responded, but where the heck is it now?!

My clever and smart college boy informed me that he and his roomate have agreed to switch beds to be fair and with that being said he thought it best, since they had identical phones, that his roommate take the Otterbox, as the top bunk in no place for an unprotected cell phone!

At that point, I was at a loss for words. Later, we rounded the room sharing what we are thankful for. When we arrived to Brenden he announced “I am glad that even though I “loaned” my Otter to Stephen, that it has protected my phone this semester, because had I come home with a broken phone, mom would be way more upset than she is now!”

Now, how could I get mad about that?

Nicki Hemby, co-founder of Macaroni Kid.

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