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A little over a year ago I was at this fabulous wine and women evening. There were amazing eats, lovely wines and wonderful women to catch up with. Not long into the evening I decided to move from the savory eats to the sweets. I picked up piece of a flat, thin chocolate covered treat that looked pretty good.

It was way more than pretty good. The friend and I who came to the party together spent most of the rest of the evening working our way through the crowd asking every woman we encountered, “Are you the one who made the chocolate caramel treat?” One gal thought it was another and on and on until we finally found her. And what a relief. Upon finally finding the source we demanded she share the recipe. Neither my friend nor I could believe how simple it was to make because it tasted so unbelievably good.

To save you the hunt I thought I’d share this recipe with you. I hadn’t thought of a dessert for my Oscar party, but remembered this at the last minute and I always have these ingredients on hand so it was a quick and easy addition to my menu.


  • Saltine crackers
  • Two sticks butter (one cup)
  • One cup brown sugar
  • Two cups chocolate chips (I used the dark chocolate chips)


  • Spread out a single layer of crackers on a flat baking sheet with an edge. I put down a layer of wax paper (because the very first time I tried this recipe I didn’t use any film and the whole thing completely stuck to my pan and wasn’t easily pried off at all). I completely filled the pan with crackers leaving no gaps between them.
  • In a sauce pan, bring to boil the butter and brown sugar. Keep boiling a couple more minutes until it gets puffy. Remove from the heat and evenly pour over all the crackers on your pan. Sprinkle over the top the chocolate chips. My friend says she melts the chocolate first and I can see that being a good idea so you get a smoother chocolate on top of the caramel.
  • Place in an oven at 325 F and cook for four minutes. Remove from oven and spread the chocolate over the caramel (if you didn’t already melt it first). Place in the fridge to set. Remove from fridge, break into pieces and serve.

That’s it. The simplest ingredients and process yields the most amazing treat EVER!

After writing this I thought, “There must be a recipe for this online.” Well, after a one simple search of “saltine cracker” the Google auto-fill suggested “toffee” and that was it. I found a ton of recipes. So if you prefer a more detailed recipe check out the Saltine Cracker Toffee from Allrecipes.com. Or for more fun, do the Google search for “saltine cracker toffee” and check out all the results.

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