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When it comes to being productive, I use my Android devices and computers in tandem with each other (comes along with the territory, I suppose). The thing is, I find that my workflow is much more fluid if I don’t have to stop and pick up my phone or tablet every 10 minutes for whatever reason. Thus, I rely on a few clutch tools to integrate my phone with my PC to make life a little bit easier. I want to share with you three tools that I rely on daily; hopefully they’ll come in handy for you, as well.


I text a lot. But it’s incredibly disruptive to grab my phone every single time it goes off. The solution? Text from the browser. I’ve tried several applications that make this a reality, and while most of them do basically the same thing, I found MightyText to be the best for me. It’s easy to use, looks good, and gets out of the way. There’s also a tablet app, so you can send SMS messages from either your PC browser or tablet.


Setting MightyText up is a snap. It uses your Google account to send the messages, so once you grant it approval to access your info, it’s a done deal. Fire up the Chrome extension to start replying to messages from the comfort of a keyboard.


This is a tool that is absolutely invaluable to me. Pushbullet makes sending files, images, web pages and more to and from all of your Android devices a snap. Simply install the app and Chrome extension, log in with your Google account, and you’re ready to go. Hitting the extension’s icon in the browser offers a menu with all the options to send to any device, and jumping into the “inbox” shows everything you’ve pushed in case it’s needed again.


Recently, Pushbullet’s developer also added the ability to mirror notifications using the Android notification service. This brings all of your phone’s (or tablet’s) notifications to your desktop — you can even dismiss them from the popup. And they’re completely customizable, so you don’t have to bother with every email that hits your inbox. It’s brilliant.


AirDroid may be the most powerful of the bunch – in fact, it could almost replace the other two options in this list. It essentially offers a desktop-like interface for navigating the Android device, be that accessing messages or the call log, installing/uninstalling applications, transferring files, grabbing images, pulling a screenshot, and a lot more.


AirDroid connects to your device over Wi-Fi, but there’s also the ability to allow it connection over mobile with the most recent version. The sheer amount of features found in AirDroid are staggering (more than I can cover in this post), so if you’re looking for an all-around management tool, definitely check it out.

While there are definitely more tools out there that aim to make it easier to bring your mobile device into the workspace flow, I find that these three help me more than any of the others I’ve tried. They’re all incredibly simple, yet powerful enough to provide a myriad of options between the three. I’d also be interested in hearing from my fellow power-users — if you have a favorite remote-access tool, feel free to shout it out in the comments.

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