Eight Apps to Help Save Your Battery

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Battery life is a daily struggle. If you’re like me, then your mobile phone is almost always dead. Honestly, it feels like I’m Captain Kirk trying to get my phone’s equivalent of Montgomery Scott to divert me more power (“I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!”).


Awful Star Trek jokes aside, we could all use a little more battery life for our mobile devices. The Resurgence Power Case doubles my phone’s battery capacity with a sleek design, while protecting my phone from drops and scratches along the way. It has truly been a lifesaver.


Even with my Resurgence, I still like to conserve and monitor my battery usage as much as possible. Take a look at some of our favorite battery-saving apps for Android and iOS users:




Juice Defender

The Juice Defender is a free app that is tailor-made to suit your battery preferences. Set it to a preset mode, or customize your own, and it runs by itself — freeing you from the worry of a dead battery. Upgrade to Plus ($1.99) or Ultimate ($4.99) versions and unlock more features like scheduling, autosync and GPS controls.


DU Battery Saver

This power saving app comes with a convenient control widget and one-touch power optimization. DU Battery Saver also gives you a battery charge-state monitor and tools for viewing app power usage. Upgrade to the Pro app and unlock scheduling features, a task killer and the option to tune the CPU frequency of rooted phones.


Battery Defender

If you’re looking for a treasure trove of features Battery Defender is your best bet. It provides quick access to toggle your common connections such as GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth. The app also includes a feature called Genius Scan, which allows a sync to occur every 15 minutes.


 Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor allows users to look up battery charge status and track down what apps and other functions are draining battery life. The app lets you define power saving profiles and automatically schedule certain times to conserve your battery. So, when you have a meeting coming up, just schedule it in Battery Doctor and you’ll be distraction and dead battery free!




Battery Doctor (Free)

Just like the app for Android users, the iOS version offers thorough information and powerful tools for your device’s battery. The app gives an accurate estimate of remaining battery life based on current app usage — and more importantly — ways to extend battery life.


Battery Power Pro ($.99)

This app features 4-step full cycle charging and usage analysis that gives you an in-depth look into your battery. It’s a powerful tool that is definitely worth that $.99 price tag.


Battery Manager Pro ($1.99)

Battery Manager Pro gives you an impressive amount of battery monitoring tools including charge indication readouts, battery life estimates for common tasks and more. What sets this app apart is its battery life estimators. This slider feature allows users to approximate how much battery life remains if they spend ‘X’ hours doing things like listening to music or watching videos.


Normal ($.99)

Normal collects data usage on your phone and then aggregates the data in its cloud servers for analysis. The app then displays a list of recommended actions to take to prolong your battery life. Normal shows you what apps are battery drainers, how much energy they use, and estimates how much battery life you save by quitting an app.






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