Employee Spotlight: January 2012 — Donncha O’Grady

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Donncha O'GracyTitle: OEM Account Development Executive

Phone: HTC Desire S

Case: Commuter Series

Time at OtterBox: 15 months

Donncha competed in an Ironman race in 2011 and is working on a marathon for 2012. He works in our EMEA office in Cork, Ireland. We thought he’d be a great person to kick off the New Year as our employee spotlight and provide us with some inspiration for challenging ourselves in 2012.

How did you prep yourself for your Ironman Competition? Where do I start?! In short: For six months every spare moment I could find was spent swimming, cycling or running.

What were any struggles you overcame? I had some calf and shoulder injuries along way and also a few crashes on my bike (the Irish roads are unforgiving!)

How was the experience of the competition for you? Training for an Ironman gets you in super physical condition, competing in it is an extreme mental challenge and finishing one gives you the confidence to achieve anything you want.

What are you doing to prepare for the Paris Marathon? When is it?

The Paris Marathon is on the 15th of April — tax day in the States. Weekly training involves: 5 running sessions (4 x 5 -10 miles, 1 x 10-20 miles), 2 core work sessions, 2 weights sessions and 1 spinning workout.

What other challenges are you thinking of conquering?

The 4 Peaks Challenge which is climbing the four highest mountains in Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales in 24 hours.

What inspires you and keeps you motivated?

I like to keep as fit as possible. Setting myself tough physical goals such as marathons etc. ensures that I don’t slack off. Staying active means I always come into work refreshed and ready to tackle every new day.

Besides training for amazing physical events, what occupies your time?

Family, friends and keeping Dean Swift (Sales Operations Manager EMEA) out of trouble.

Are there any OtterBox experiences that have influenced you in a good way, funny way, and interesting way?

Ya, I went for a jog with Barrie Collins (Janitor in the Cork office) one morning. His wheezing, puffing and crying was a real motivator!

Since joining OtterBox, are there any interesting situations or anecdotes that you have experienced? Any funny stories you can share?

Ya, watching Mick Knowles (one of our distributor sales guys) trying to lose weight for his wedding was interesting! I think he had to be sewed into his tux in the end!

How about your interests outside of the office, is there anything we can mention?

I enjoy surfing, hiking and photography.

When people find out you work for OtterBox, are they curious about us? What kind of questions do they ask you?

They ask how I ended up in an animal sanctuary! I find people are amazed by OtterBox’s growth and are especially interested in how our core values and strategic planning processes have driven our success. After that they usually ask ‘are we hiring’!

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