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As we start to pack our bags, dig up our Danskos, and prepare to board our flight to Austin, Texas, we can’t help but smile because…we’re going to SXSW!

This will be the inaugural year for OtterBox and we couldn’t be more excited to join what is known to be one of the most exhausting and exhilarating shows of the year. What other event combines cool brands, nerds, music and film with a location known for nightlife and BBQ? Needless to say, this will be one to write home about.

In true OtterBox fashion we aren’t just going to show up and talk about products, there’s more! We are proud to have a talented group of dancers joining us on the journey to entertain fans (and Otters) and to really bring our excitement and passion to life. BreakEFX Crew of Colorado is a performance-based theatrical break dance crew that will ultimately be embodying our brand through artistic movement and dance. Established in 2006, you may recognize BreakEFX Crew from America’s Got Talent, America’s Best Dance Crew, Vitaminwater Promotions and more. Stop by the booth to learn more or text OTTER to 60379 to get updates on where to find this talented bunch in Austin. Also, if you are on Twitter, follow @OtterBox and the hashtag #FollowTheOtter for show highlights, hot-spots and good eats!

As if this isn’t enough fun, we’re excited to announce that we’ll have a SXSW giveaway surrounding the three aspects of the show. After filling out the capture form online or at the booth, one lucky winner will get their choice of new video equipment, studio session or new MacBook Pro. I encourage you to sign up whether you are in Austin or not.

Join us in spirit or at the booth, we look forward to sharing stories, photos and maybe even some dance moves throughout our adventure.

Are you heading to SXSW? What are you most excited about?

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