Extend Your Battery Life –- How Long Can You Go?

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“Phone dead, TTYL.” That last frantic text that goes out right before your phone dies. Wouldn’t it be great if our phones would last through the day, or more?

Try some of these tricks to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

Your Location Services are on…for everything

Does Fruit Ninja really need to know where you are all the time? GPS tracking is a huge drain on your battery through the day. To turn off, go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services. Scroll down and choose which apps track you and which don’t.

Turn off Parallax Motion

It’s great that your apps turn when you turn your screen, but if your battery barely lasts through the day, this is one of the reasons why. To turn off, go to Settings, General, Accessibility, flip switch off for “Reduce Motion.”

Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen

Much like Gretchen Wieners, you can’t let “Fetch” go. That means, you get automatic notifications for emails and calendar updates for every new item. Go into Settings, Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, Fetch New Data, change them to manually at the bottom.

When was the last time you closed the apps you aren’t using?

Even though you have only opened messaging today, there might be several other applications open on your phone. Double click your home button and swipe up on all of your apps to close them.

No need to refresh what you aren’t using

Even though you haven’t opened the Weather app in four days, it is still refreshing in the background. Go to Settings, General, Background App Refresh and switch it off. Your apps will refresh when you open them and not a moment before.

You just need a longer-lasting battery

Maybe you have tried all of these things and your phone still won’t last. Try the new OtterBox Resurgence Power Case. It doubles your battery power, looks super sleek and provides added protection. When you are running low, just hold down the button for two seconds and the phone case charges your phone back up to 100 percent. Then it auto-stops, so you can do it again and again throughout the day.


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