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After getting an iPad for the kids, I bought an OtterBox case to protect it from the inevitable drops that would happen. I didn’t realize how well it would work. My husband took our son to get a haircut and brought the kid’s iPad to occupy him. When buckling him into his car seat, my husband put the iPad on the roof of the car, and then proceeded to drive to the car wash (yes, you read that correctly). What happened next is truly unbelievable. He went THROUGH the car wash with the iPad still on the roof. When they got out to clean the inside of the car, he realized the iPad was missing. After not finding it anywhere nearby, he backtracked to the barbershop. When it wasn’t there either — or in the road between the two locations — he went back to the car wash and had the attendant look in the car wash. Sure enough, it was completely submerged in a soapy puddle of water (for nearly 45 minutes by now). After taking the case apart, there was a tiny bit of water between the screens. Unbelievably, the iPad worked perfectly. It was the talk of the car wash!

After seeing this, I will be replacing the case on my iPad too (just in case).

Laurine Bruthers

Submitted on: 10/12/2014

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