5 Must-Have Cinco De Mayo Party Treats

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Ahh, spring is in the air and that means it is time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. While Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, it has become a holiday celebrated by many in the U.S. that marks the time to break out the salsa, sombreros, and have a little Americanized fiesta.


Piñatas are typically left for children’s parties to spin around 3-times and swing a bat blindfolded but they are most significantly identified with Mexican history. The piñata is a great way to get people up, moving and having fun at any Cinco de Mayo party.

Salsa Bar

Who doesn’t love delicious salsa paired with salted corn or tortilla chips? A salsa bar is exactly the type of food to serve at a Cinco de Mayo party, and can include a range of salsas. From corn or mango salsa, to seven layer dip and guacamole, your guests will be happy and excited to try the variety. (Hint: serve salsa with cups, rather than plates, so they aren’t mixing all together)


No fiesta is complete without a signature drink. Margaritas are a signature drink straight from Mexico that will complete any party feast. Make it fun and try new mixes that stray from the typical lime with a salt rim. There are flavors from strawberry sriracha to cantaloupe.


Cinco de Mustache has become a party favorite in the U.S. It means grow out and sport a mustache on the festive day for men, but for everyone else it means mustache stickers on beverages, or for the bold, fake fuzzy mustaches to wear on one’s face.

Tamales, Enchiladas, or pretty much any Mexican food

What is a fiesta without the feast? Have a delicious set of various types of Mexican-style food to serve buffet style for guests to enjoy. Festive favorites range from chimichangas with a spicy sauce to cheese enchiladas. Don’t forget signature sides like grilled oysters with a chipotle glaze or honey-chipotle grilled corn.

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