Forget a Waterproof Camera, Waterproof Your Phone

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Whether headed on a trip for snorkeling or going for a swim at the local pool, buying a waterproof camera has crossed many people’s minds. However, the great thing about waterproofing your phone with the OtterBox Preserver Series case is you already have a waterproof camera in your back pocket for life’s daily adventures.

I had an onset of complete panic when I walked in and my husband had his phone completely submerged in his 90-gallon salt water aquarium, before I remembered that he had an OtterBox Preserver Series case on his device. After all, the best part of waterproofing a phone is using it underwater.


Before heading out to take photos underwater with your smartphone protected by a waterproof case, take these 4 tips with you:

1. Touch Screens Don’t Work Underwater

No, we have tried it, your touch screen doesn’t feel your touch when submerged. Fear not, when in camera mode on an iPhone the volume buttons snap the shutter for perfect underwater images. Even when set in video mode, it will start and stop the video recording for flawless underwater videos.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Like taking any photo, it takes time to get the perfect shot. Test out conditions of underwater photography by starting in a pool before heading out snorkeling. That way you are prepared for condition changes, as well as how to get your underwater routine just right.


3. Wear a Leash

The great thing about worry-free underwater photography with a device protected by the Preserver Series is the wrist lanyard that comes included. Loop the lanyard on the case, wrap it around your wrist and have no worries of losing your phone to the depths of the ocean.

4. Take Breaks

Just like a person, a smartphone doesn’t want to be underwater for too long. In fact, for the Preserver Series to work as you expect it to, we recommend 30 minute increments in no more than 6.6 ft. of water.

Looking for the perfect waterproof camera case? Turn your phone into a waterproof camera with the Preserver Series from OtterBox. Available now for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and the GALAXY S4.

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