Freakishly Spook-tacular Apps for Halloween!

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All Hallows’ Eve is a tradition that is now celebrated by many countries throughout the world but is believed to have originated from Celtic beliefs and traditions. This yearly celebration marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the darker winter days to come. It was seen as a time when the spirits could most easily enter the world of the living. Feasts were had, and tables were set, to welcome the departed loved ones that were able to return to their homes for that one night. It was also believed to be a time where evil spirits would return to cause harm and needed to be warded off, thus scary costumes were born.

Best Halloween game apps and more

With such a culturally rich tradition upon us, we decided to put together a list of some of the best apps to help enhance the thrill!


House of Horrors

$1.99 for iOS / $.99 for Android.

In the mood to get creeped out? For those cold nights where you feel like staying in, and having a movie-thon, this app allows you access to over one hundred of the most classic horror films that may have never found their way to digital. With a selection of movies from directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Roger Corman, you’re sure to have a great night. If you’re not at home but have some time to kill, the app also allows you to stream over 75 of them via Wi-Fi or 3G with nothing more to buy.


Trick or Tracker

Available at for both iOS and Android for $5.00.

Do you worry about your kids when they head out for a night of trick-or-treating? With this app you’ll know where they are every moment. It allows you to link the GPS capabilities of all of your phones to one another in order to monitor the whereabouts of your children. It also notifies you if they happen to wander out of the designated range. The price is a bit steep, bit it works all year long and is a great tool to help keep track of everyone during family outings with large crowds.


True Ghost Stories From Around the World

Free for iOS and Android.

What always makes a story super freaky? When they’re true. This deliciously chilling app is a great resource for those who love to hear and tell scary stories. It is updated weekly and monthly with the top 10 scariest stories out there and allows users to submit stories, leave comments and upload spooky photos of their own. It’s the perfect way to get your friends or kids fully terrified while spending time together sharing stories on a cold dark night! Can’t get enough? You can also download the version with unlimited stories for just $.99.


Halloween- Trick or Treat

$.99 for iOS only.

This is a great all-around app. From make-up tutorials and costume ideas to music, recipes and everything else, this all-in-one app is perfect for those who like to go all out but need a little help with ideas on how to get into the spirit or throw the most freakishly fun holiday party!


The Walking Dead Dead Yourself

Free for iOS and Android.

For all the Zombie fanatics out there — beware. You may end up spending entirely too much time zombifying yourself with this highly addictive app from The Walking Dead show itself! Easy to use, you simply snap a photo of yourself, edit it into as many different styles of zombie as you wish and share it with all of your friends. Careful though, they may just start to look good enough to eat.

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