Functionality & Education of the iPhone 5

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The classroom of the future is here. Move over blackboards and $200.00 textbooks that weigh half a ton, enter iPhone 5. With a faster-than-ever A6 chip processor and hundreds of thousands of built-in apps made specifically to take advantage of the technology used in the device, this education-grade device equips students and educators with innovative tools to solve all of the world’s problems at the touch of a finger.

The increasing use of technology in education allows educators to extend beyond linear, text-based learning and engage students with innovative learning devices. From e-books and text-in participation points to apps that help students organize their daily schedules, the iPhone 5 is a revolutionary way that takes learning to the next level.

Click here for an extensive list of awesome iPhone 5 apps that improve education.

All and all, the iPhone 5 is a top notch choice and an education industry definer. While the power is in the people who use the phone, you can’t argue that the iPhone 5 is pretty dang powerful.

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