Fundamentals of A Summer BBQ

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Summer is so many things. Sunshine and river trips, concerts and swimming pools, ice cream and drive-in movies. It’s really the best. There are loads of opportunities to gather with friends and family, one of the best of which is a good old fashioned barbecue. The fundamentals are simple:


Weber Grills (iOS and Android, free)

Calling all carnivores: You can master your grilling techniques with the help of this app. Every Friday – just in time for the weekend – 75 new recipes are added to the app complete with full-color photos, grocery lists and reviews. Scroll over to the prep school section where guides lead you through grill set up essentials, knife skills, food prep and how to tell when your grilling is, well, grilled. You can spread the barbecue love, sharing your stories and pictures on the Weber Nation social space.

Messy Vegetarian Cook (iOS and Android, free)

Barbecues are an excellent venue to show off that garden you’ve been working so hard on. It’s also a good idea to keep your vegetarian friends in mind beyond frozen veggie patties. The Messy Vegetarian Cook app helps you to put your green thumb to work, providing vegetarian and vegan recipes and articles.


Fresh Fruit

Adding fresh fruit to your libations makes them taste extra delicious and look fancy too. Dropping a few blueberries into your lemonade or adding lemon wedges to your iced tea freshens and brightens either beverage. Combine them to create a delightful Arnold Palmer. Keeping fresh fruit around for adult beverages is also important. A lemon or orange wedge is quite complementary to a local wheat beer, fruit in wine makes sangria and a combination of strawberries and raspberries in champagne is beautiful – did someone say mimosas?


Koozies are key! Whether you’re tailgating, backyard barbecuing, out in the park or sitting on your own patio, this simple invention insulates your drink for optimum coolness on a hot summer day. Plus, they’re rad. You can find koozies in every shape and size, with brand names, sports teams, unicorns or your own personal message.



This lawn game is simple, made up of eight bean bags and two wooden platforms. It’s portable from park to pool to campground. The premise of the game is to toss the bean bags through the hole on the platform. It sounds easy, right?  That depends on your technique! Creating your own game is also part of the fun. There are some excellent ideas on Pinterest for customizing your boards and bean bags.

Polish Horseshoes

When you find yourself with a Frisbee, two bottles and a couple of poles, what’s the first thing you do? Play a game of Polish Horseshoes, of course. Plant your poles in the ground 20 to 40 feet apart (PVC pipe works great), rest the bottles atop each pole, and take turns throwing your Frisbee to knock the bottles from the poles. If your aim is perfect and your reflexes cat-like, you could probably go pro. If they’re not, it’s fun and hilarious to try.

Every great barbecue requires music for the hula hoops or unexpected dance party. Be sure to protect your favorite streaming app – undoubtedly playing through your smartphone – with an OtterBox Preserver Series case. When hula hoops turn to water balloons, your party can still rock on.



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