Game On: Top Five Android Games You Should Have Installed Right Now

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We all love to kill time on our phones and tablets, whether than means watching YouTube, catching a movie on Netflix, or nosing around friends’ status updates on Facebook or Instagram. But, Android phones and tablets also serve as powerful, pocketable gaming systems. I spend an unreasonable amount of time playing games — or at least looking through various games — on my (Agility Tablet System) encased tablet, so if you’re new to the Android scene or just looking for something new to play, allow me to save you the trouble. Here are five (or so) killer games you should definitely install on your Android device right now.


Monument Valley

Monument Valley is one of those rare puzzle games that brings something different to the table. It really gets your brain working, as its 3D environment essentially leaves everything open to possibility. The goal is simple: navigate the princess through each level. Achieving that goal, on the other hand, takes time and patience. It doesn’t hurt that it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at, either.


The Room/The Room 2

The ethereal environments of The Room and The Room 2 are captivating, inspiring and relaxing all at the same time. There’s a hint of creepiness to this first-person puzzler, as mystery surrounds every corner and the story gets darker as you progress. This one is easier to pick up and play in spurts, as nothing is time based, and there’s no such thing as a “bad” stopping point. The hard part, however, will be putting it down once you get started.


 The Cave

This has long been one of my favorite Android titles. The Cave is more of an action-based sidescroller puzzle game, wherein you control three characters at a time through various levels. There are seven different characters to choose from, all of which have completely different story lines and levels, giving this game more re-playability than others in the genre.



This is easily one of the best Android games I’ve seen come out in the last several months. The immersive environment immediately pulls you in to this sidescroller, and the whimsical nature keeps it interesting. The controls are also exceptionally simple, making this an easy title to recommend to casual gamers looking for a better way to kill time.



If you’ve ever played Machinarium — one of the greatest mobile games of all time — then you’re at least somewhat familiar with what to expect from Botanicula since it’s from the same game studio. You play as a small group of bugs in what can only be described as a mix of Machinarium and Unmechanical. It’s easy to get started with, the controls are equally as intuitive and it’s all around gorgeous. It’s a must-have.



Portal and Half-Life 2 (SHIELD Portable/Tablet only)

If you have a SHIELD Portable or SHIELD Tablet, then the Portal and Half-Life 2 ports are absolute must-install titles. These are some of the most iconic games of all time, and just a few short years ago were the benchmarks of PC gaming. Now you can have them on the go. It’s a great time to be a gamer.


So there you go, five killer games that everyone should install — and a couple of extras for the hardcore gamers. Whether you’re looking to kill some time or just escape reality for a little while, these games should do the trick.



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