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If you’re like me, then you love your classic games. While I enjoy some of the graphics-intensive, action-packed games that we get to play on Windows Phone, I am still fascinated by the retro classics that I can play on my Windows Phone thanks to game emulators. Unlike Apple where Game Emulators are still taboo, Windows Phone users have quite a number of video game emulators at their disposal. I am not going to talk about what and why there is Wikipedia for that. I am going to tell you about some of the common ones you can get your hands on as a Windows Phone gamer.

VGBC8 – Download ($2.49)

This emulator lets you relive the classics from Game Boy and Game Boy Color. You can save your game progress and store multiple ROMs , so you’ll always have something to play while you are out and about. Want to backup your game saves? No problem. This app has you covered for that too. And for those wondering about turbo mode (running the game faster; quite handy when you are grinding for resources in certain games) just click on the camera button.

Purple Cherry GBC – Download ($1.29)

This is another Game Boy Color emulator for Windows Phone, has all the usual features like upload via Skydrive and ability to save games. Offers both landscape and portrait game play.


VBA8 – Download ($3.49)

This emulator is for Game Boy Advance games. This is from the same developer and has all the features available on the VGBC8 emulator above like turbo mode and game saves. If you are a fan of the Pokémon series then you’ll want to get this.


vNESLight Pro – Download ($0.99) (Lite Version)

Want to play the good ol’ games from Nintendo Entertainment System? Then vNESLight has you covered. If you love your retro games then this is an emulator that you should not miss. You can easily add ROMs via Skydrive or directly via a link after hosting the file on any web server. (The app supports ZIP, RAR and NES files.) The app is packed with features like full screen mode, ability to backup and restore ROMs, ability to take screenshots of the game, etc.


Snes8x – Download (FREE)

This FREE emulator lets you enjoy the classics from Super Nintendo. Love Mario? Then this is the emulator you want. It is completely FREE and there is no excuse not to get this. The app does not support ZIP files so you have to add the uncompressed ROM to Skydrive in order to load it to the app.


Blue Tomato :  SMS – Download ($1.29)

We don’t want to leave behind our Sonic fans now do we? You want a Sega MasterSystem? Blue Tomato has you covered. This one also plays Sega Game Gear titles. So if you have access to Sega ROMs then you know you want this emulator.

Now that you are ready to start playing games on emulators on Windows Phone, here is a small tip. Keep an eye on your battery levels. All of these emulators are pretty power hungry and will run your battery dry quite quickly. Some of you might also notice the battery heating up quite quickly while you are running these emulators. Might be a good time to get a Defender Series with iON Intelligence to keep up with these power-hungry games. Happy retro gaming everyone!

And for ROM downloads … Google is your friend; you could try BING too ;).

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