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Sony has officially shared a glimpse into the future of gaming with their soon to be released PlayStation 4 console. Whether you enjoy gaming yourself or you’re planning a surprise for someone special, we give you the low down on what the hotly anticipated PS4 has to offer.

This Innovative games console promises to be extremely social, allowing a cutting edge gaming experience whenever, wherever and however the user wishes. The PS4 uses iOS and Android apps to link smartphones/tablets into its game play. This move marks smartphones and tablets at the core of today’s PlayStation gaming experience.

The limitations of the console experience must be overcome for Sony to remain ahead as people now game on the go, using a variety of devices. We pose the question can Sony capture this with the PS4?

Today we give you sneak peek to the exciting official PS4 features that Sony shared to date:


The PS4 controller follows the style of previous Dualshock controllers, a key feature which has allowed Sony to stand out from the crowd in the past.  Taking things a step further the PS4 controller has a   touch pad for seamless gameplay and navigation.  The controller also boasts a share button, allowing the user to share gaming images and video recordings with other users and across social media platforms.


PlayStation 4 users will be able to access their games on the go through the PS Vita, smartphones and tablets; this creates a seamless transition between stationary gaming to on the go gaming like never before! Gaming is now going walkabout…users will be able to continue their PS4 game on the train to work or on their lunch break!

Second Screen

An exciting advancement with the PS4 is the addition of a second screen. Users will be able to use their smartphone or tablet as a second screen – for maps or inventory. One downfall to this might be the risk of frustrations during a challenging game, which are usually taken out on the controller (being fired to the floor thrown against the wall!), may now revert to a delicate Smartphone or tablet! Never fear, the protective Defender Series case from OtterBox will no doubt counteract the risk of device breakages!

Seamless Downloads:

PS4 will cater for seamless downloads allowing users to play the game before the download has completed – reached 100%.  This is a lovely feature especially for users who tend to purchase a lot of games online as it can take some time to download files completely. Gamers will now be able to tackle new releases before they have even downloaded the games fully. PS4 also allows for system updates while on standby. This is a welcomed addition – nothing worse than turning on the console and having to wait an hour for updates before actually getting to play a game.


Of course with a new console comes a first class line up of games to play on it. The PlayStation 4  launch line up of games is set to include  Assassin’s Creed, KillZone, inFamous and WatchDogs.

Sony have not confirmed an official release date for the PS4 but  have stated that the console will be available in time for the 2013 holidays.

All in all the PS4 will be an extremely social advancement giving access to gaming anywhere and at anytime.  Perfect for those on the go and giving scope for the growth of the Playstation community!

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