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Spring couldn’t have gotten here sooner for me. I’ve been itching to get some things growing and the arrival of spring is something I get excited about every year. I love to grow vegetables and since I live in Colorado, I have to get a jump start on the growing season. It’s much shorter here than what I was used to when I lived in Oregon.

I start out by first shopping for seeds and randomly picking things I love to eat and some new things that just seem like they’d be fun to grow. This year the kids had a blast helping pick out seeds and were highly influential on what we will grow. I got the usual peppers, tomatoes and squashes. The kids added to it pumpkins and carrots and my daughter wouldn’t let us forget some flowers.

We spent a Sunday afternoon filling all of my seed starter pots with dirt and carefully arranging all of our seeds. I’ve got a written map of what’s what and the husband built a custom light stand for me to keep the little babies warm. It’s been a couple weeks now and every little pot has a beautiful little start growing in it.

I’ve got to keep these little guys happy indoors until mid-May when the weather will be friendly enough for outdoor planting. And that’s when it gets really fun. To add to the fun, I thought I’d check out to see if there are any gardening apps out there that might enhance my gardening experience. Turns out there are LOTS of apps out there for gardening.

Leave it to Mother Nature Network to already have a compilation of gardening apps recommended by the New York Times.

After I found that list my search revealed two apps there were recommended over and over by other outlets:

Garden Tracker: This app was featured in Wired, the New York times and the Boston Globe. It helps you plan your garden and plant your vegetables then helps you keep track of progress, watering, harvesting and fertilizing. It’s got a base set of plants and is fully customizable for what you want to grow. This can be a great help to keep me organized and help me remember when I should water next. ($1.99 — iOS)

Landscaper’s Companion: This app is an excellent reference tool for planning your garden and yard. It contains details on over 26,000 plants in 17 categories, covering North America, the United Kingdom and Australia that note general information such as sun requirements, water usage and mature height. It’s got great search capabilities on topics like sun exposure USDA Zones and water requirements. This will come in handy as I work on creating a new patio area in my backyard. ($4.99 — iOS and Android)

With these great tech tools, a little technology out in the garden won’t be such an invasion of nature. Plus with the Defender Series case on my iPhone I have nothing to worry about while I dig in the dirt.

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