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As spring is rapidly approaching, it’s time to get those flower beds cleaned up and put some work into that vegetable garden. I’m not a gardener myself, mainly because I wouldn’t even know where to start. To help with the lack of knowledge I thought I would check to see if there were any apps out there to help me become a full-fledged gardener- and there are! I do like to share so I compiled a list of six of the best gardening apps out there to turn you into a legitimate green –thumb!

Vegetable Garden

There’s nothing in life quite like savoring the fruits (or vegetables) of our labor and what better way than to grow your own food? Vegetable Garden helps plan plots for veggies so they have all the space they need as well as featuring a detailed schedule with set reminders and alerts during the plants growing cycle. Also included is information on various vegetables and their soil preparation, harvesting and growing tips. Available on iOS

My Garden Lite

Have all your plants laid out before you in an effective database to properly manage the particular requirements and needs with My Garden Lite. Simply input all your plants individual information such as where they are located, when they were planted, take a picture and My Garden Lite will remind you when they need to be watered based on those elements. Available on Android Market

Landscapers Companion – Gardening Reference Guide

Here is an absolute guide for botanists or newcomers alike featuring an extensive database of over 15,000 plants. Each entry is complete with information such as sun requirements, water usage, mature height and width and an image. It’s not only good as a guide but as a personal journal with the ability to add your own pictures and notes of your own garden. Available on iOS, Android Market

Garden Snob

For those who live and breathe green all year round there’s Garden Snob, the up to dateblog app for all things green. Daily news comes in the form of gardening tips, tricks and techniques. This app is also great for inspiration on new ideas and how to manage your own garden. With Garden Snob you can find out how to keep the garden vibrant and well managed. Available on iOS, Android Market

iGarden USA

A great app for the novice gardener, iGarden USA provides planting recommendations for popular fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Tailored to your specific gardening zone, the app advises on details like soil depth, seed spacing, and harvest time. It even lets you input notes and pictures of your own garden.

Garden Squared

Start planning your garden now! This app assists in planning and tracking of square foot gardens, patio container gardens, seedlings, staging, and raised garden beds (I have no idea what any of this means). When creating a new bed the dimensions can be selected– ranging from 1 by 1 to 4 by 8 square foot plots. Details of every plot can be saved along with a journal entry/task tracker. This is a valuable tool for creating successful gardens by learning from past success and mistakes. Available on Android Market

Do you have a favorite Spring app? Do you use apps in your gardening? Let us know in the comments below!

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