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You got your new tablet for Christmas just like you wanted, but do you know even the basic apps that you need to make sure you have to utilize it?


Facebook – This one should be a no-brainer, but I’ve been surprised by the number of friends who still use Safari on their iPads to check Facebook instead of this app. There are slight differences, but for everything you’re using it for, use the app. (iOS & Android)

Twitter – Are you a tweep too? You’ll have to make sure you’ve got your Twitter feed ready to go at a moment’s notice so you don’t miss Justin Beiber’s latest hashtag. There are also a number of different Twitter clients (my personal favorite being Tweetbot) which offer you different user experiences, and occasionally different features as well. (iOS & Android)

LinkedIn – You need this tablet to make you seem professional too, right? This app has had a pretty cool redesign in the past couple months, and I really like the new interface and usability of the app overall. So whether you’re trying to find a new job or just connect with your old college roommate, this app will help you stay connected with your professional contacts. (iOS & Android)

Pinterest – The hottest thing since sliced cheese officially released their iPad app this year, and it is a beauty. With a clean interface and easy to use navigation, you’ll be pinning your favorite recipes, wedding dresses, DIY and gadgets with joy! (iOS & Android)


Pandora – Free radio with limited ads? Yes please! This app has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite for streaming and discovering new music. (iOS & Android)

Spotify – This one requires a membership fee to use the mobile app, but if you want to have an entire music collection at your fingertips, this is the one for you. You can make playlists, listen to all of your favorite albums, and even has a radio feature like Pandora, but the biggest step up is that you can save playlists to your tablet for offline use. Going camping or on a plane without data or internet access? Just save your playlists to your device! (iOS & Android)

Neflix or Hulu Plus – Want to watch hours of your favorite TV shows and movies on the go? Netflix has a large selection of TV shows ranging from old classics to new shows currently running on the networks (although usually a season behind or so). Hulu Plus has more currently running shows, and you can see episodes you missed within about 12 hours of the original airtime. Pick which one is more important to you, or do both and never miss a moment.

YouTube – If you got an iPad for Christmas, remember that you now have to download the YouTube app as Apple and Google are fighting. It’s not a big deal, just make sure you have the app so that you’re not left out of the funniest viral video going around the office. (iOS & Android)


Wunderlist HD – Keep all of your tasks organized, and synced between your computer, your phone and your tablet. You can prioritize, create sub-tasks, and set all the reminders and due dates you need to really get your top priorities done. (iOS & Android)

Dropbox – With your dropbox account you can upload and download all the photos, videos, documents and more between your different devices, as well as share the ones you want with friends or family. Definitely a must have! (iOS & Android)

ShopSavvy – Ever been looking to purchase an item in the store, but you want to make sure you get the best prices? ShopSavvy looks up an item that you scan and lets you know where else it’s in stock locally, how much they’re charging, and what the online retail prices are. Great for the frugal buyer. (iOS & Android)

Shopping List Free – Organize your grocery store trip, and never forget to buy the extra string cheese again! This app organizes your list by food type, so when you’re in the dairy section you get everything you need, etc. (iOS & Android)


Where’s My Water (or Perry) – Great puzzle game will keep you entertained. Guide water to the proper pipes in each level to fill up a bathtub, but watch out for different poisons, traps, and don’t forget to score all 3 rubber duckies in each level. (iOS & Android)

CSR Racing – This is a fun drag racing game that lets you customize your cars and continually upgrade the different specs to always be at the top of your game. Can you get through all 5 tiers? (iOS)

Angry Birds Star Wars HD – Everybody’s favorite birds now wield light sabers and blasters, so those evil Storm Trooper piggies had better watch out. (iOS & Android)

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