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Are you a fan of potato salad?

If so, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Kickstarter. A well-known site for entrepreneurs, inventors and creatives, Kickstarter is the preeminent fund-raising platform for a fairly new phenomenon — crowdfunding. Entrepreneurs seek project funding from complete strangers, who in turn get fun rewards for their patronage, putting the ‘crowd’ in crowdfunding. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing model; if the funding goal isn’t reached the project gets nada. In this post, we outline 3 Kickstarter campaigns worth your time, and perhaps, even your money! All funding amounts and days listed are at the time of this writing.


Before jumping into campaigns currently vying for your sponsorship on the site, it is important to have a benchmark for Kickstarter success. As it stands, the most impressive Kickstarter campaign to ever grace the site is an explosive card game with a feline twist — aptly named — Exploding Kittens.


Kickstarter Success Story:

Exploding Kittens currently holds the highest backing percentage of any Kickstarter, and the largest number of backers at over 200,000. Asking for only $10,000 initially, the game soon went viral and blasted to a staggering $8,782,571. And, boom goes the dynamite. That’s an 87,825% increase, but who’s counting?



Funding Goal: $50,000

Current/Final: $44,403

Days Left: 55

ODiN Aurora is the world’s first laser protection mouse. Don’t let those red eyes and Decepticon face scare you, the ODiN is looking to usher in a new era for input devices. This Norse-inspired device works by projecting an electro-optical mouse onto a surface. Its developers claim their projection mouse is more intuitive than peripheral devices of the past — even claiming that the new design is more ergonomically friendly for user’s wrists. The ODiN Kickstarter impressed me enough that I decided to become a backer myself. Here’s hoping it reaches its funding goal because my poor wrist could use it!



Funding Goal: $100,000

Current/Final: $579,496

Days Left: 43

Sesame hopes to reinvent the key with a Bluetooth lock and mobile app combo. The smartlock fits over your door’s deadbolt, and with the tap on your smartphone, you lock and unlock the mechanism — open sesame indeed. Easy installation means that Sesame attaches to your lock without screws and it is military-grade encrypted to perturb hackers. Ali Baba would be impressed.



Funding Goal: $500,000

Current/Final: $18,255,642

Days Left: 14

Pebble is the most groundbreaking Kickstarter campaign to date — raising well over 18 million thus far. This smartwatch hopes to makes waves in the emerging segment of wearable technology. Pebble is looking to compete with the big boys like Apple, Samsung and other players that are bringing smartwatches to market, for a fraction of the price. The device works with both iOS and Android and boasts a 7-day estimated battery life (compared to 18 hours for the Apple Watch). Less than two weeks remain on this campaign, so be sure to watch out for this one in the near future. Pun intended.


We at OtterBox thrive off the entrepreneurial spirit embodied by the campaigns on Kickstarter, and so, we encourage you to explore the site for innovative projects, back a few along the way and perhaps even dabble in making a Kickstarter campaign yourself. Get out there and make the next big Kickstarter craze, you never know who wants to invest in your ideas!





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