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carrotsResolutions generally kick off the New Year for many of us. I’m tasked with finding a healthy recipe to start the New Year off right. But, I’m stuck because it seems like one recipe is a little limiting for starting a New Year with new goals and inspiration.

Instead I’ve researched some tools and great online destinations that you can access throughout the year for tips and ideas for eating healthy. I am avoiding any extremes or particular diets and just looking for things that are helpful for eating well (which doesn’t mean excessive eating or overly limited eating). I’m looking for ideas that fit well with the ‘everything in moderation’ mantra.

So what’s out there if you like to eat and want to enjoy life without extremes and limitations? When I think of simply enjoying eating, this includes meat, vegetables, dairy, ice cream, butter, desserts, grains — basically anything and everything that sounds good. And the way I see it a little bit of everything is ok. Just don’t eat too much of any one thing and your bases are covered.

How about Well, yes this is an extreme of sorts that doesn’t include meat, but for my approach I think this site has a wealth of recipes for vegetables that offer tons of variety and use herbs and fresh ingredients that are just awesome. I like this site to come up with the vegetable portion of my meals.

Another favorite site of mine for recipes is I’ve got printouts from this site in my exploding recipe binder at home with dates as early as 2001 on them. I’ve been referencing this site for years and every recipe I’ve tried I’ve really enjoyed and a large number of them have stuck in my regular repertoire. What’s fun for me now is I’ve got the Epicurious app on my iPad and enjoy having it in the kitchen with me, playing my iTunes and keeping me on track.

Before I got too far down my path of favorite sites for recipes I did a Google search on “healthy eating recipe websites” and my two other favorites turned up plus one I was about to look up and a couple new ones that are interesting.

The next favorite I want to mention is the Food Network website. I do love the Paula Deen recipes I find that have at least one stick of butter in them, but it’s also a great source for healthier recipes too. came up too and that is another trusty source for me of recipes and ideas for great dishes. For me the search results from this site take a bit more researching through each recipe for me to find what I think is the just right mix of ingredients for a given dish. It’s also great for seeing many recipes for a single standard dish. I like checking out all of the variations on each recipe and then coming up with my own variation.

The site I was thinking would be a good reference is I’ve picked up the magazine a few times, usually an impulse purchase in the grocery line, and have always liked the dishes they present. Their website is also really good. Their recipe search delivers a lot of great options on any topic, they have a techniques section and even a healthy habits program to follow. After poking around the site a bit, I’ll be referencing it a lot more.

Teasing me with “fun and free kids” recipes I had to check out the site. Upon first glance it seems an interesting site but with featured recipes such as Oven Baked Eggplant Chips and Crispy Crunchy Quinoa Cakes I’d have to say my kids might have fun making the recipe, but I’m doubting I’d get them to eat it. I think I need to investigate this site more deeply before I make any conclusions.

The other site that looks intriguing to me is Their “Five Things to Learn to Cook This Year” is dead on and a great list of basic techniques. Overall this site has a lot of good information and sections focused on healthy eating. I’ll probably be consulting it regularly now that I know about it. is another site I like to check out now and then. I haven’t spent enough time on the site to sort out it’s logic for my purposes, but it always delivers many recipe options for me on a single topic and I like scanning through the variety.

Another fun site to check out if you are into techniques and tools is America’s Test Kitchen. Also a television show, these guys go into great detail exploring tried and true techniques and making small adjustments to make the perfect version of a recipe. I geek out on this show when I run into it and have a number of their recipes occupying space in my giant overflowing recipe binder.

So how does this help for the New Year? Well, it gives you lots of options and resources for exploring cooking and finding recipes and new ideas for old stand-bys. In general I like to enjoy everything without restriction as long as it’s just a little. I like to believe even a little butter won’t kill you. Like I mentioned, I follow the mantra “everything in moderation.” It makes life more fun and interesting.

Happy New Year and enjoy cooking more!

Wondering about the carrot picture? I used “carrots” as my search word on the new sites I visited to see what interesting recipes might turn up.  And this one looks very tasty: Tofu-Carrot Ginger Dressing with Miso. I think I’ll be trying that this weekend.

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