HAV. A NIC DY: Being 6 with Technology

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Texting with a 6 year old has officially become our family ‘game’. Trying to decipher her words is not only fun for us but it’s been a blast for her. Really it seems we are making the best out of technology, as she is learning how to sound out words, the value of communication and getting positive responses to two way communication.

Some points that I keep in mind in this process is what is reasonably expected of her at this age. Getting vowels in their right places and knowing the difference between a ‘c’ or ‘k’ isn’t as important as the love of words. This has also been fun watching her discover reading in this form. The other day I even saw her find a gift box to copy the words ‘Barbie’ into a text about what gifts she received. It was exciting to me that she sought the answer and texted it.

I love it that in her communications she is speaking nice words. Between her current teacher and myself we will help her with where spaces go, where periods are to be placed and how to correct actually spell the words. For now, I do appreciate her interest to communicate.

We were able to give her a nice new OtterBox cover and now she calls her iPod her ‘new’ phone. Now she has even more pride in messages her dad or grpo. 🙂

Bree Anderson


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