Hawaiian kabobs

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During the summer we like to spend every minute we can at our community pool. This means after work and weekends for us. Evenings can be tough to fit in dinner and pool time. Thankfully the pool has grills everyone can use so we’ve been working on quick easy meals to cook up while at the pool. A couple weeks ago the husband made up a new family favorite that is perfect at the pool.

Before I share that I should give you a little family history. My father-in-law was born and raised in Hawaii and calls Spam “Hawaiian steak.” My mom-in-law spent the first twenty years of her life living on a remote island in Alaska where Spam was a staple. This Spam-eating trend was passed down to my husband. My dad made the best fried Spam sandwiches ever. Our kids now get to grow up with Spam too. Fortunately for us my brother-in-law loves Spam because the first weekend he stayed with us we whipped up our specialty Spam bagels (toasted bagel, cream cheese, fried Spam and fresh tomato slices). Basically, we think Spam can fit into any meal.

Ok now that you understand our Spam influence, you’ll know why this new dish is so awesome. Our kids love teriyaki chicken and the husband loves fresh jalapenos. So he put together separate skewers of fresh pineapple chunks, teriyaki chicken chunks, jalapeno chunks, and Spam cut up into nice little squares. He grilled each skewer the right amount of time for each item, then tossed it all together. He named it Hawaiian kabobs and everyone was happy. The kids loved the pineapple, chicken and Spam and the husband and I loved all of it. As quick and easy as this is to put together and as great as it tastes, this is becoming our staple pool-side dinner. Hot dogs still rule, but skewered Spam is an incredible alternative.

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