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12/31/2012 – Movies & Music to kick off the New Year

Fact: If people were actually as bad as we say, civilization wouldn’t exist.

The movies below will both restore your faith in humanity while inspiring some soul searching. Plus, most are available via Netflix Streaming, so you won’t even have to change out of your PJs.

Girl Interrupted

This indie favorite features not only bad girls Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie and Brittany Murphy, but also a brooding Jared Leto. While the movie is supposed to be about Susanna trying to understand her illness, it really is about how wonderfully mysterious life is and it shows us the power of trust and human connections. It should leave you feeling hopeful about humanity.


This movie is epic. I can’t even begin to think that I can describe its awesomeness. Instead, I’ll use a quote from the director … “A wedding, after all is a ritual. But is there something beyond the ritual at all? There isn’t. Not for (Justine). It’s a great shame that we melancholics don’t value rituals … But if rituals are worth nothing, that goes for everything, you know. “

Everything is Illuminated

Set in the Ukraine and featuring talented actors like Elijah Wood, Eugene Hutz (of Gogol Bordello fame) this movie will take you from darkness to laughter and back till your heart completely melts.

The Way

Who hasn’t wanted to take some sort of pilgrimage? The Way gives you a glimpse into one person’s reason to embark on a historical pilgrimage. Martin Sheen plays Tom who decides to embark on the “Way of St. James” despite his inexperience. Along the way he discovers the difference between “the life we live and the life we choose.” This movie is sure to make you evaluate what you want out of life.


We couldn’t have a movie list without having one movie featuring hipster royalty, Joseph Gordon Levitt. This high school based movie is really a classic noir style detective film. The visual style is stunning and the humor is highbrow but relatable.

Watch one or all to set yourself up with a great perspective for the New Year.

If movies aren’t your thing, take a listen to some of these awesome new artists:

Tell us what you think about our suggestions or if you would like to share your suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

12/28/2012 – Best places to share your photos

From your Holga and Diana cameras to all your cool photo apps and filters, no one takes better, hipper holiday photos than you. The next step, knowing where to share them. Sure you’ve got your usual go-to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but here are some other places and ways to share the pics you captured this holiday season.





12/25/2012 – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. I made these for you. No big deal.


12/23/2012 – DIY gifts

DIY – aka Do It Yourself. How deck is that? No one else in your family is doing that this year. While they’re going to all the same big box stores everyone else is going to and therefore supporting our overly materialistic society, you’re going to be different. And I’m not talking about pasta necklaces or homemade picture frames different. I’m talking about creative, design-focused gifts for people of all types. Gifts they’ll never forget. Check out these links. You’ll be glad you did.



12/20/2012 – Organic cocktail recipes

The holidays are all about the green. Spending green. Green trees. Green gifts. And trying to be green all along the way. Well, guess what? Now you can drink green too. Just when your friends and family thought your hipster rep had hit its peak, you’re gonna hit them with one of these organic drink recipes.


12/13/2012 – Vegan holiday recipes

The key to being a good hipster is making things difficult. Take music, for example. You and other hipsters are impossible. The same is true for clothes, books, movies and even drinks. So it’d only figure that cooking for one another should be a pain too, right? Well, here are some apps and links that make even the most complicated vegan-friendly-animal-preserving-gluten-free holiday treats that won’t taste like the paper your gifts will come wrapped in.





11/26/2012 – DIY gifts

You’re used to doing things yourself. Who taught themselves how to make falafel burgers? You did. Who had the idea to start sewing your own clothes? That’s right. Who started drinking out of mason jars before it was mainstream? You guessed it. And who, thanks to these helpful websites is going to be the only person making their own gifts for everyone this year? Damn straight. This is going to be epic.

25 handmade gifts under $25 

DIY decorating

Green DIY projects

Tips & resources for getting through your first DIY Christmas gifting

11/21/2012 – Hipster Safety

Ahhh, November 21. The night before Thanksgiving, aka the biggest bar night of the year. Well, before you have any Old Fashioneds, Rob Roys, Rusty Nails, Manhattans – or any other obscure drink most likely now served in a mason jar – make sure you download one of these apps (TaxiFinder, Cab4Me, Tap Your Taxi). They’ll link you up with cabs that can find you anywhere. Even the bars no one else knows about.

11/15/2012 – The music only we get

People like us need to have a soundtrack to our lives. Music is just as important to us as our fashion taste and ironic eyewear. Being in the know when it comes to music is part of our lifestyle but MTV just isn’t our style. If you’re looking for something you’ve probably never heard of give hipstermusic.com a shot. It’s the spot for unborn music. There are also a bunch of Spotify playlists that people have created that just don’t make any sense. So some of my friends and I put together the ultimate hipster playlist for your listening pleasure. Go ahead and check it out but don’t share it too much … that defeats the purpose. If you have any indie music suggestions, let me know in the comments below.

11/8/2012 – Organizational tips from Hayden the Hipster

Staying organized during the holidays is harder than admitting you actually hate the ukulele, but I’m here to help. Sure it’d be easier if your friends and family shopped at the Salvation Army (or your grandpa’s attic) like you do – but unfortunately they actually like clothes from this decade. Well, get those greasy bangs out of your eyes, professor, because I have just the thing to get us started. Apps to keep you organized. Sorry these aren’t available on a 1936 Underhill, you’ll have to use your smartphone.

Step outside because these apps are smokin’.

Here’s a good one. (shhhh…it’s from Amazon)

I know your iPhone can’t handle your indie music library, but at least it can handle these awesome apps!

11/1/2012 – Some people call me a hipster. I prefer independent.

Hey. The holidays are a capitalistic nightmare but they’re not going away, right? Well, hey. I’m Hayden. In my mind I’m undefined-able, but I guess some would call me a hipster (is it the Warby Parkers that gave me away?). In the coming weeks, when I’m not learning the ukulele, planning a seven course vegan meal, or trying to get into some skinny jeans, I’m gonna help you get through the holidays in one piece so we can both get back to quoting Thoreau. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for holiday shopping organizers, deck gift ideas, party themes and even holiday music you can condescend with your friends about. I’m more valuable to you than a sixer of Bronsons, so wrap me in an OtterBox, and hold tight to the fact that Bonnaroo is coming!

Let’s talk about me some more. Here’s what I’m into:

  • Finding vintage shops my friends haven’t found yet.
  • Cooking vegan
  • Plastic camera photography
  • Working words like EPIC into my everyday vernacular
  • Keeping my legs skinny
  • Reading Quinoa for Dummies
  • Spending time on McSweeny’s
  • Looking androgynous

If you want to subscribe to my holiday tips or to find out about some of my friends, head over to our home page!

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