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Being a freestyle kayaker may not be as high tech as being a CEO, a programmer or even a student, but that doesn’t mean kayakers don’t need some tech tools from time to time. Whether for measuring the river flow, or simply itching for ways to actually share the path to a recent river find, there are plenty of apps that can make your outdoor adventure more fun.  We’ve listed our favorite apps from the Armor Series Kayaking trip below.


Blow your friends’ minds with this amazing app. Photosynth is the panorama creation app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas of the places, people and events that are important to you. Using the latest in computer vision techniques, you can not only make a panorama from left to right, but also up and down, enabling you to capture a full “sphere” view.


Photaf Panorama (Android)
Photaf allows you to create beautiful, seamless 360 degree panoramic photos by utilizing the camera and the orientation sensor in your device to know the exact angle at which each picture was taken. When done, you can move your phone around to see the complete panoramic view by using the phone’s compass or the touch screen.



This was one of the favorite apps used on our Armor Series trip. River Watcher is a must have app for any outdoor enthusiast who needs real-time information on current river conditions. River Watcher provides temperature, discharge and gauge height information on over 9000 rivers across the United States. Plan your trip by reviewing river measurements for time periods of one day, one week, two weeks or a full month.




This is probably one of the coolest apps we have ever tried. Have you ever wondered “What is the name of that prominent peak over there?” This app will answer that question for you. The advanced segmentation and display algorithms show you all peak names without obstructing the marvelous panorama.



EveryTrail (IOS & ANDROID)
Ever discovered a crazy watering hole, then try to share it and find that you’ve forgotten your path? Never again, EveryTrail allows you to plot your trip, photos and videos right to a map and then upload it to EveryTrail.com, Facebook and Twitter. Join the GPS travel community and track, share and explore.


NOAA Radar US- HD Weather Radar & Forecasts (IOS)
Unofficial NOAA Weather (Android)
It’s never good to start an adventure without first checking the weather. This app lets you retrieve real-time seven-day point weather forecasts and current weather conditions directly from NOAA based on your current location or any other location in the United States. NOAA forecasts offer the most accurate information and provide unique point forecasts for every square mile that take into consideration a number of variables including altitude. This is a great tool for adventuring outdoors and staying ahead of the elements.




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