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How do you listen to music at home? There are so many different apps and ways that we listen to our music libraries and playlists on our mobile devices on the go, many of them have been talked about here on Planet OtterBox. But what do you do when you’re home? I can’t stand having headphones on while I’m lounging around my house, especially when doing chores or some other task that can lead to cords being caught. So what to do? Most laptop speakers don’t have the volume or quality for an entire room or small apartment and my iPhone speaker is hardly loud enough to really deliver if it’s in my pocket.

The failure: Docking speaker stereos. I tried this first. Don’t get me wrong, these might be fine for some of you, and for the solution that you’re looking to solve. I will say that you get what you pay for with most of these. If you’re ok with paying $40-50 for a stereo, then you’re going to get the volume and quality from the speakers accordingly. This might be fine for a bedroom, maybe even a dorm (not for a dorm party, though, take note all you incoming freshmen). But for my apartment, I wanted a solution for my living room, kitchen, and surrounding areas, so even a $100 solution felt a little weak for my liking. Many of you might not feel that you’re quite as “audiophile” as I am, and this lower quality speaker may not bother you … I was almost ok with it, but the fatal flaw was the dock.

When docking my iPhone to listen to music, it rendered all other functions of the phone useless! I couldn’t text, because you have to awkwardly try and type while the phone is pressed closely against a wall of speakers. You can’t easily scroll through timelines of social networks, or even really read blogs or webpages. My first thought was maybe someone made a dock with a retractable cable so that such functions could be done while music was still playing, but I could “un-dock” it. But alas, I couldn’t find one in any of my local stores, or online (I would like royalties on any company who reads this and now develops such an awesome solution).

The solution: Wireless (Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay) speaker stereos. Wow! I love this new setup that I now have. Let’s start with the one drawback, it’s a little bit pricier (the cheapest I saw were around $150 and it only goes up from there).  But that is the only drawback I have found so far. I went with Bluetooth over Apple’s AirPlay, because it allows me to connect any Bluetooth device, whether it be a computer, tablet, or smartphone from any OEM. All I do is connect my device (it took 3 seconds) and then bam, beautiful quality audio filling my whole home! The best part, I can have my phone in my pocket, or plugged in to charge, or use my laptop with my full library and get to feel like a DJ. Now I get constantly streaming music over my entire library, and I can still use my phone as if nothing was holding it back.

So what other creative solutions are out there? Do you have something that is your perfect solution? There are so many options out there and I’m sure you have some creative alternatives that are crazy cool. What are they?


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