Hey party girls! It’s me, your phone!

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It’s Christmas time and I have two words on my mind: Jimmy Choo (sigh). Hey! I’m Parker! Everyone knows me as the party girl. When I think of year’s past I’m always reminded of the year where I rocked 6 holiday parties in 2 nights. I know right?!  There was this other time where I spent the holidays in Cabo with my besties. Ahhh…Paulo.

Anyway. This year is going to be another season filled with shopping so you should probably follow my advice because the only thing I do better than party is shop. If you want to grab the hottest items on those Christmas lists, shop early and shop often. I guess that’s more of a life tip than a holiday tip. Also, wear comfy shoes and bust out those 0% credit cards. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your BFFs! OMG I wouldn’t be able to do it without my ladies (hey girls!)!

You know I’m gonna be super helpful on your shopping trips this year so make sure you wrap me in an OtterBox to keep me safe. XOXO!

Want to know a little bit about me? Who doesn’t? 😉 Here are some things that I love:

  • Texting with my besties
  • Partying…duh
  • Shopping…double duh
  • Dancing
  • Shoe-lusting
  • Talking
  • Looking at myself
  • Taking Instagram photos. Mirrors always look better when I’m in them 😉

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