Hey ya’ll. It’s yer phone.

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Us good ol’ boys need to stick together through the holidays. From sports to huntin’ to gift shoppin’ to celebratin’, there’s a lot to keep track of. Howdy, friend. I’m Clayton. I’m a country boy to the bone. When I’m not repeatin’ a grade, or polishin’ my gun collection, or provin’ that if it’s got wheels we can race it – I’ll be helpin’ you with gift shoppin’ organizers, holiday tips, sports times, huntin’ apps and games, and tons more. I just might be yer most valuable buddy (second to your huntin’ dog) this season. Now listen, you and I both know every time you say, “Betcha I can.” it ends with you on the way to the ER, so think about doin’ us both a favor and wrap me in an OtterBox.

In addition to avoidin’ usin’ the letter “g” here’s what I dig:

  • Huntin’
  • Drinkin’
  • Dancin’
  • Fightin’
  • Eatin’
  • Gamblin’
  • 4 Wheelin’
  • Dirt Bikin’
  • Racin’
  • Watchin’ racin’
  • Not annunciatin’

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