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There are a raft of tablets on the market these days. It’s hard to know which one will best suit your personal needs, desires, visions and dreams of the perfect device. It’s also difficult to figure out where to start looking. Let us help.

For Kids

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer – $77-$140

Available at: WalmartBest Buy, Staples


This device, designed for children aged three to nine, encourages learning (and has a very fun name). It has 4 GB of memory, a camera to record video and stills, and a large catalogue of apps, videos and games.

iPad mini with Retina display – $399-$829

Available at: RadioShackWalmartBest BuyStaples


Not to say this device isn’t for grownups, too, but the best selection of educational apps can be found in Apple’s App store, and the iPad Mini itself is light and perfectly sized for smaller hands. With iOS 6 or higher, the “Guided Access” function locks down the device, which allows kids to play without accidentally accessing other documents. It also boasts a great high resolution display, which is excellent for watching videos. Whether your iPad mini with Retina Display is for your little one or for you, make sure you protect your investment with an OtterBox case.

For Business

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 -$899-$1799

Available at: Walmart, Best BuyStaples, Office Depot, Office Max


Here is a tablet that has the personality of a laptop. It has a dual-stage kickstand and an optional keyboard cover, which are both smooth and sturdy. The screen of the Surface Pro 2 is 10.6 inches, with minimal space between the glass and the touchscreen, which helps to reduce glare. Utilizing Windows 8.1, the Search function works so that you can open apps, click web results, and play music from the same pane. When conducting a search this operating system pulls together information in multiple formats for one result, such as images, maps and news.

For Students

Apple iPad Air – $479-$879

Available at: RadioShackWalmartBest BuyTargetStaples


Again, one of the biggest advantages of going for Apple’s newest iPad technology is the wide educational support provided by the Apple App store. There are apps dedicated to core subjects, iBooks offers even more content, iWork helps with word processing and there’s Keynote for presentations. You are also welcome to use a Bluetooth keyboard if you’d prefer not typing on the touchscreen. In addition, and of course, the iPad Air is light and sleek — a convenient addition to any stack of textbooks. Complete your gift with an OtterBox case for iPad Air, it deserves top-quality protection.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition – $429-$599

Available at: RadioShackWalmartBest BuyStaplesOffice Depot, Office Max


This tablet’s large screen features the Multi Window function, which allows you to view, resize, and move multiple applications at the same time — great for multitasking. There is also a drag-and-drop functionality here. The Note 10.1 S Pen feature lets you “write” on the tablet as if using a pen and paper — great for both note taking and personalizing your device. The perfect pairing for the Note 10.1 is without a doubt the Utility Series Latch.

Here are a couple of other awesome tablets — just for fun:

Kindle Fire HDX 7″ – $229-$379

Available at: Best BuyStaples, and of course


Amazon’s new 7 inch tablet is a high performer with a sharp screen and a light design. This third generation of the Kindle Fire brand uses the operating system Mojito, based on Android Jelly Bean. The Silk browser loads web pages quickly, and native apps like email and the calendar have been redesigned for smooth and organized user experience. Plus, and most importantly, the Kindle Fire HDX 7 is built for reading comfortably. Complete your gift with a Defender Series case for Kindle Fire HDX 7″.

Nexus 7 – $229-$269

Available at: RadioShackWalmartBest BuyStaplesOffice DepotOffice Max


The Google Nexus 7 has a full-HD screen and a long battery life. It’s lightweight, has a fairly low price point and performs well for gaming. “Out of the box,” the new Nexus 7 comes with Android 4.3, which brings acceleration of advanced visual effects, texture compression, 32-bit floating point support, and more. The incredibly sharp screen allows text to appear fine and makes it easy to read; high pixel density makes for a bright display and full colors.

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