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Your smartphone is amazing. There’s almost nothing it can’t do for you, from keeping your calendar organized to face-timing with family thousands of miles away. Recently there has been a push to bring the ease and convenience of mobile technology into home automation. Below are some of the more interesting examples of home automation using mobile technology that we have seen:

Nest – Nest is a smart thermostat that you can control from a futuristic digital wall-dial or mobile device. Nest tracks when you change the temperature, and begins to accommodate based on your usage patterns. This is not only totally awesome and convenient, Nest’s design also helps with the energy bill.

Phillips Hue – Hue is Philips’ innovative new lighting system. This technology allows you to run the lighting in your home dynamically through a mobile app. You can select the hue (hence the name) and brightness of the lighting in your home based on your personal preferences. There are also pre-loaded options tested for certain activities such as reading or relaxing. You can even select colors from existing photos for your lights to match.

Lumawake – The Lumawake system not only operates as a charging dock for your iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5, it also tracks your sleep patterns. Lumawake uses this information in tandem with home automation systems such as SmartThings or WeMo so your house can wake up when you do. It also provides a sunrise simulator to wake up the user more gently and naturally in the morning.

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