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Mobile technology has given us numerous ways to get our news. The most notable names in news have all adopted an online and mobile presence, but there are also some newcomers that hope to change the game and the way we digest news. Here are 7 of our favorite alternative news apps that you should have on your mobile device:



 Nuzzel is an app — available on iOS and Android — that curates the links being shared by your FaceBook and Twitter friends. It does this by counting which stories have been tweeted or posted most often in a 24-hour period. The stories are accessed in a feed or by a daily newsletter sent via email. It’s the perfect way to avoid the content you don’t wish to see and focus on the news you, and the people you follow, want to see. – Breaking News

Inside is a real-time mobile news app that delivers hundreds of important and fascinating stories selected and written daily by a team of news curators. Customize your news feed to follow only the topics you love, so you’ll never miss an important news story on the content you care most about.


Yahoo News Digest

Featured as one of the best iOS apps in 2014, Yahoo News Digest delivers “digests” twice a day — once in the morning and once in the evening. Each story is created from multiple sources to present the essential bits and pieces of information, known as “Atoms”. The stories are both algorithmically and hand curated to ensure high quality, and each comes with a textual summary for your convenience.



Newsbeat is an app that pulls in thousands of articles every day from news organizations like The Washington Post and CNN — to name a few. Then, the stories are converted to audio for easy listening. To set it up, all you need to do is pick your preferred news sources and topics you want Newsbeat to track. The app then delivers daily audio recordings of your preferred news topics automatically.


Paper – Stories from FaceBook

 Straight from the social network site itself, Paper allows you to explore and share stories from friends and the world with immersive designs and distraction-free layouts. Paper includes your FaceBook News Feed so you follow your friends as well as choose sections and stories about your favorite topics.



 Flipboard is a personal magazine that you access from your mobile device, your tablet or your desktop. When I say it’s personal, boy, is it personal! There are thousands of topics and sub-topics to add to your feed. It’s filled with stories, articles, photos and videos on any interest you could imagine. Also connect your Flipboard account to FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.



 With Feedly, you easily organize all of your favorite publications, blogs and channels in one place in an easy-to-read format. Use Feedly to read blogs, watch news videos and even track keywords, brands and companies. Condense everything you want to see into one, easy-to-handle app!



When you’ve downloaded all of these fantastic apps and you’re enjoying catching up on the news on your mobile device or tablet, be sure to keep it protected with a case from!




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