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Digital sports is a research field that analyzes how technology can be combined with sports to do different things including: augment spectator experience, analyze activities of athletes and even create new games and sports that weren’t possible before. Technology in sports is constantly evolving and leading us towards new and exciting developments across the globe.

Here are some of our favorite technological advancements in the sporting world:


Viewing Experience

Using a frame-analyzing algorithm, researchers at Carnegie Melon University and the University of Electro-communications in Tokyo have developed a way to show footage from a built-in football camera. The technology and footage is a work in progress at this time, but the researchers believe that they will soon be able to produce instant, smooth videos of a football field from the viewpoint of a football.


Different viewpoints aren’t the only emerging technology in this arena. The researchers also want to develop a sensor to detect a football’s moment of impact, sending a signal to your cellphone making it vibrate. Pretty exciting right?


 Sqor Social Network

Sqor is a social media platform that is devoted to sports content. You can follow your favorite athletes, follow the hot trends in the athletic world and connect with your friends — all in the name of sports. It’s a social network dedicated to all sports, all the time.


 Shot Tracker

 Wearable devices are making a name for themselves in the world of technology. Devices like ShotTracker are taking the idea of wearables and applying them to the world of sports. It is a simple combination of a net and wrist/sleeve sensor, designed for basketball players, that automatically tracks the makes and misses on shooting attempts.


Technology like this is exciting. It gives young, old, amateur and professional athletes a chance to view their performance and find subtleties in their games, making them a better player. As wearables become more and more prevalent in the world of technology, more tracking devices like ShotTracker are on the horizon.


Motion Capture

 PrioVR motion capture has been used in the video game and movie industries for some time now. As more and more companies look to dive into virtual reality, the applications of motion capture technology continue to grow. Low-cost motion capture systems, like PrioVR, are innovations that professional and amateur teams alike can use to detect injury, measure performance levels and practice fundamental skills of their respective sports.


Player Tracking

 Technology companies like STATS have introduced the concept of player tracking technology. Its SportVU system has revolutionized how sports are viewed, coached and played. The technology delivers statistical information in real time, giving players and teams access to play-by-play data for an endless amount of analysis and evaluation. Sports analytics is an up-and-coming tool used by professional teams to provide comprehensive data that is used in countless ways. Look for technology like this to become commonplace in the athletic realm.


 Catapult Tracker

 Along the same sports-tracking line as SportVU, Catapult Tracker is using GPS athlete-tracking technology to monitor players on a regular basis. Football teams have adopted this technology to gauge players during practice and games and measure athlete’s performance on the field. This system can measure fatigue, heart rate, weekly performance levels and much more. It’s truly exciting to see how this technology is evolving, and how it will help athletes and professional sports teams in the future.


 Player Perspective Cameras

 As fans, we are always looking for new ways to get a different look at the teams we call our own. First V1sion, a new sports broadcast patented system with a fully integrated first-person perspective, is giving us the chance to immerse ourselves into the game through the athlete’s point of view. Designed with the broadcast viewer in mind, the camera is attached to the front of the jersey. You see what the athlete sees. Not only this, but it also tracks the distance the athlete travels and their heart rate, so you can get a better understanding at how the athlete feels in high-pressure situations. First V1sion is being used in soccer games at this point, but there are plans for European basketball, horse racing and motorcycle racing in the near future. This technology offers fans a unique view of their favorite sports. With the never-before-seen viewpoints that this system can show us, it may be used for all sports broadcasts from around the world sooner than we may think.


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