How to be a Golf Pro: Apps to Help Improve your Game

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Whether you’re a beginner or advanced golfer, these apps are a great addition when you get on the course. These apps track stats, use GPS tracking, help improve your swing and more. And, in honor of August being golf month – get out on the green!

Golfshot GPS 

Free for iOS and Android

This app keeps you updated with real-time distances to all key targets and hazards on 40,000+ courses with a 3D-fly over preview for each hole. It gives club recommendations while easily tracking scores for you and your friends. And, their “Tips & Drills” section includes instructional videos to help you improve any aspect that you want to work on.


Free for iOS and Android

Very similar to Golfshot GPS, TheGrint also gives you an easy, hassle free option to take a picture of your scorecard to automatically upload.


Free for iOS

This app offers a collection of expertise from experienced golfers that enables you to collect, share and utilize information from golf courses around the globe. This app exemplifies value from others you have played on specific courses. You can learn from other’s mistakes.


Need to focus more on the basics? Check out these two apps that feel like a private instructor:

 V1 Golf

$4.99 for iOS, Free for Android 

V1 Golf is a golf analysis app that allows you to record your golf swing so you and a V1 instructor can analyze it. The instructor responds with tips and feedback in a timely manner. There are also over 50 swings from professionals that you can view. Within the app you are also able to save your swing, to keep track of your progress!


$3.99 for iOS

Swingbot is another swing analysis app that focuses primarily on coaching to help improve your swing. A unique feature allows you to sync multiple devices in order to record your swing from multiple angles and give you a swing score based on a list of golf basics.

Need something else? Check out this wearable tech, Zepp golf sensor that provides instant feedback at the driving range or on the course.


Take your Resurgence Power case for those long days on the course!

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