How to Clean Your OtterBox Case – Step-by-step

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You love your OtterBox. We get it. And oftentimes, you love it so much that it starts to wear the stories you’ve been through together. We see how this can be hard for the neat-freak personalities — trust me, I feel your pain. I am one of them.

But fret no more. We’re here with solutions on how to clean an OtterBox case. It’s true, you can easily clean your favorite case and make it look like the day you bought it.

Remove your device, and use these 2 simple tips to keep your OtterBox squeaky clean:

  1. Wash your OtterBox with warm soapy water to easily remove surface stains
  2. Quickly sanitize your OtterBox with a Sani-Wipe to keep your case germ-free

This method should work for most of our products, including the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases. (For a full line-up of the cases we have available, check out our blog here.”


Once you’ve washed your OtterBox, be sure to thoroughly dry it before reinstalling your device.

Pretty simple, huh? We like to make things easy on you. Until we meet again, remember to always keep it clean.


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