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We hope you had a wonderful holiday full of all sorts of tidings of comfort and joy! But now that Santa made all of your holiday dreams come true with brand new electronics, what do you do with all those old gadgets?

There is no reason to send your old electronics to the Island of Misfit Devices. There are a ton of different ways you can sell, trade or donate your old toys. Here are a few of our favorites:


 Cell Phones for Soldiers

 Cell Phones for Soldiers is a wonderful, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing cost-free communication services to active-duty military members and veterans. If you’re looking to donate your phone and share holiday cheer, you can help the amazing men and women of our military with one simple donation.


 Hope Phones

Hope Phones was founded in 2009 as an innovative way to fund the global efforts of Medic Mobile, its parent organization dedicated to advancing healthcare with mobile technology. By donating your phone to this organization, you help communities and the less fortunate around the world. Plus showing love for one another is what the holidays are all about.



Whether you’re buying or selling used electronics, Craigslist is a quick and easy way for you to get the most out of your old device. Set your price, the area you want to sell in and you are on your way to a cash prize!



The Amazon electronics trade-in is a no-hassle way to recycle old devices. In just three easy steps, you trade your old device for an impressive Amazon gift card. The great thing about Amazon is that all of your electronics are open game, not just mobile devices.



Gazelle is the nation’s leading electronic trade-in site. It offers instant quotes for your device, free shipping and pays you cash. You can sell your phone, tablet, computer and even your old iPod. As far as online electronic trade-in services go, Gazelle is the top dawg!


Next Worth

Much like Gazelle, Next Worth is an online trade-in service that offers you cash for your old electronics. However, Next Worth features a more comprehensive list of electronics you can trade in. Just search for the device you wish to trade in, receive your quote, ship for free and collect your paycheck!



With Newaya, you’ll get more for your device if you kept it in an OtterBox! Also, don’t forget to check out what your local Best Buy is willing to offer you for your device! They too will offer more if your device was protected by an OtterBox! For more tips and ideas on what else you could do with your old electronics check out our recycling blog here.

We hope you love all of your new devices and find the best way for you to recycle your old ones. Remember to keep those new devices safe in OtterBox cases!






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