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Father’s Day is a day set aside so we can reflect on how awesome our dads really are. One of the best memories we have of our dads is the music they raised us on.  Whether your dad is a boot-wearing country music fan, constantly hums along with the screaming solos of Van Halen or relaxes with some Grateful Dead, there will always be great (or not-so-great) music that reminds you of your dad.

Being tech-fanatics here at OtterBox, we thought, “What better way to enjoy music with your dad than with the HTC One?” With built-in features such as BoomSound and Beats Audio – there aren’t many other mobile devices that can rock as hard as the One. So, we have decided to give away one of these awesome phones for Father’s Day, but we need a little something from you first.

How to Win

We want you to blast your favorite Father’s Day tunes as loud as possible, so in the comments below let us know an artist, album or song that reminds you of your dear-old-dad for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

Grand Prize – an HTC One device with an OtterBox case of your choice

Runners up – An HTC One OtterBox case of your choice


Read more on the contest here. Winners will be notified in the comments section.

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