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It’s that day you’ve been waiting for; the day your wireless contract ends, and you get to waltz into the store and pick out a shiny new toy. But then what happens? You walk in, take a look around at all your options and are instantly overwhelmed. All those incredible devices offering a plethora of bells and whistles. At some point, you realize that it’s all relative to you as an individual. You know better than anyone else what you need out of a new phone. But which choice would offer you the perfect marriage of functionality, as well as style? And then you see it. As if being pulled by destiny, you find “the one.”

Admittedly, I am an iPhone user. And until very recently, I’ve never been too interested in checking out an Android. That is until now. I’m talking about the HTC One. This device could, quite possibly, be the device that changes the game! There’s very little that this phone can’t do. From its sleek design to its user-friendly capabilities, it is giving some of the more expensive phones a run for their money. There are several specifics worth mentioning.

The first is Boom Sound, which is powered by Beats Audio technology. If you are a runner, then you know that there’s nothing worse than listening to music through your phone that has poor audio quality. That’s one of the first things I check out when I buy a new phone. Well, Boom Sound provides some of the loudest and most clear tunes around. But keep in mind that this improved listening pleasure could potentially mean shorter battery life. An additional feature that makes this sound so impressive is the inclusion of two front-facing speakers. So no more holding the bottom of your phone up to your ear to hear those rockin’ beats!

Something else to boast about is the Zoe camera. This camera is super cool! Not only can it take vivid photos in dim light and in a variety of colors, but it also has the ability to take photos and video simultaneously. You will never again miss that perfect moment to capture and hold onto forever. And if that wasn’t enough, Zoe makes it possible to have all your photos and videos together in one place as a slideshow … with a soundtrack! If you can’t tell, I think this camera is going to be pretty amazing. Similar to the iCloud, photos can be uploaded to the HTC cloud service and shared with others.

Not yet sold? Try this. The HTC One is not only a phone, it’s also a remote. The concept of infrared (IR) isn’t necessarily brand new. It’s been around for decades, but where the recent trend is using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to access other systems, IR allows multiple systems to be accessed through one major location. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, each device has to be set and both sides must be connected for things to work. IR is a simple point and click with very minimal setup and all systems located easily on the device itself.

This last feature is going to be for you super users who just can’t get enough social media and news updates. Blink Feed is the interface changing the way we surf content on our phones. This cool app allows for multiple “hot spots” to be located on the same page. Each publication or social network has its own spot, varying in size. This size differentiation makes the appearance unique from the regular one size fits all, and it creates a one-stop shop where all your distractions are instantly accessible. Imagine having your Facebook updates, latest news, recent videos recorded on your HTC One and local weather all in one place.

Now, if you’re still not running to check out this new device, take a look at this cool video to see just how amazing and innovative the HTC One really is! As technology continues to push ideas forward and give people more and more of what they need and want it is clear that HTC is giving Apple and Samsung a tough run for their money. As a person guilty of being an “old dog” that “can’t be taught new tricks,” I have to say that the idea of going Android doesn’t seem so scary now!

Now that we know you are thinking about switching to the HTC One, we are going to up the ante. How would you like to win a NEW HTC ONE, a pair of Beats headphones, and a new OtterBox case to keep that device looking new no matter what your life throws at you? Well, if you’re interested, we’ve made it super easy. Just tell us how Boom Sound, Blink Feed, IR or Zoe will make your life easier in the comments below and you will be entered to win. You can tell us in a paragraph, photo, song or even a Haiku. If you still have questions about this giveaway, check out our terms and conditions here.



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