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I tried to hide it, but I can’t any longer. I am a geek, totally in love with technology and I have a brand new object for my affections.  If you see me lurking outside tech company, Spicebox, it’s because I am jones-ing for their newest invention, a little device that will turn my smartphone into a mouse. I am a BIG laptop user, so having a portable mouse while travelling is a necessity; transforming my phone into a mouse is the height of awesome.

This cool gadget allows you to right or left click on screen and scroll with a digital wheel that shows up on your phone’s screen. It also detects motions with sensor technology allowing you to navigate with gestures. Cool, no? It gets better by also allowing you to swipe to move between browser tabs, taking the mouse one step further.

Only downside for me? The Mauz gadget itself, bound to get lost in the black hole of my purse. I would see needing a small carrying case for it to ensure that a) the darn thing is harder to lose and b) that I didn’t get bits of lint or crayon stuck inside the pin connector which could affect functionality.

Spicebox is still raising funds on Kickstarter for this one, so if you are as entranced as I am, head here to back this project.

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