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“My family and I were just in Orlando, FL at Disney World and we were on one of those back lot tours of the Hollywood Studios. Right as the giant explosions and rushing water on the set are happening, I drop my iPhone and it falls between a crack and under the vehicle … When we get back I ask the staff to go look for my phone, sure that its only use now would be as a doorstop. It was found in the tracks of these 12,000 lb. vehicles (I looked up their weight). No less than nine of them travelled over my phone. It was black, no power … but no cracks or scratches. My five-year-old daughter said, “Maybe when we get back to the hotel and you plug it in, it will work again.” I said, “Honey, you just don’t understand how these things work.” Of course, we get back to the hotel, plug it in, and abracadabra … its fine. I guess I didn’t understand how the amazing OtterBox works … like a charm, that’s how.

Thank you OtterBox!”

~Jamie N.

Real OtterBox Customer

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